Claudio Bettio - Designer, photographer, Italy.

Editor, graphics, webdesign, contents

As a designer I pursue effectiveness and spontaneity, in a constant research on characters, sizes, spaces. Simpicity has to be the result of synthesis, not an end in itself. The Bauhaus fuctionalism, the International Typographic Style’s strictness, and the Greeks’ golden ratio equally inspire me. For me it’s not a matter of “less is more”, it’s more like “enough is enough”!

As a photographer i tend to modify my approach in different circumstances. I don’t study too much what I’m going to photograph, and let improvisation and curiosity take their own course. I change cameras and method maybe with too much nonchalance. I often compare photography to music, and in this sense I think my style is kind of punk-rock: instinctive, simple and dirty.

For Landscape Stories I take care of the website design, manage the Vimeo channels, publish news and contents…