Gianpaolo Arena - Architetto, fotografo, Italia.

Editor, photographic projects, inteviews, facebook, video books

Gianpaolo Arena

Architect and Photographer. I share my profession as a photographer with teaching and personal research projects on environmental and social issues. My interest on architectural representation has driven my attention toward architectural photography, urban landscape, the relationship between the varied identities that belong and characterise places and people.

I use photography as a window on the world to understand and interpret its stratifications, its developments, its contradictions. By means of this tool, I love questioning myself and others on the mutations that take place in the territory and in its fragmentary borders. Photography is my intimate space for contemplation, meditation, thinking, comprehension of life and human kind. I have always been a curious and careful reader of the several language contaminations in contemporary art. My disco is the privileged access to the world of sound and dream, my library is access to knowledge and imagination, but reality and life still are the most extraordinary sensorial experience.

Co-founder and curator of Landscape Stories. Within the magazine group I take care of the contents selection for the site: photographic projects, themes, texts, interviews, editorials. I take care of the blog and facebook, the relationship between readers and collaborators, the video-books section. Editor of Undercover on Urbanautica.