Raimond Wouda/Céline Clanet/Jan Stradtmann “1KM – Altevie commission” 10/2016

Mark Steinmetz “The Earth’s Beating Heart” 07/2016

Yurie Nagashima “Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?” 05/2016

Sybren Kuiper “To design a book” 02/2016

Guy Martin “City Of Dreams” 10/2015

Domingo Milella “Emotional Geography” 08/2015

Aleix Plademunt “Almost There” 07/2015

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond “Disparitions” 05/2015

Andreas Weinand “Portrait of Lost Innocence” 03/2015

Fred Huening “Die Liebe im Auge” 01/2015

Asger Carlsen “Between the natural and the unreal” 12/2014

Yann Gross “Peripheries” 09/2014

Tara Sellios “Lessons of Impermanence” 10/2014

Sascha Weidner “The Perfect Moment” 09/2014

Vincenzo Castella “Urban Geographies” 08/2014

Bryan Schutmaat “My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs” 05/2014

Axel Hütte “A Dynamically Sublime” 05/2014

Daniele De Lonti “The Roots of the Real” 04/2014

Mona Kuhn “Bare Beauty” 02/2014

Cristina Nuñez “Portrait of My Soul” 01/2014

Cuny JanssenLandscape and Portraits” 01/2014

Shen Wei 沈 玮Chinese Sentiment” 12/2013

Yaakov IsraelThe Quest for the Man on the White Donkey” 12/2013

Judith Joy RossPeople Portraits” 12/2013

Phillip ToledanoA New Kind Of Beauty” 12/2013

Jan KempenaersMonumental Sculptures” 10/2013

MugeASH 尘” 10/2013

Lewis BushVietnam Drepimed” 09/2013

Richard RothmanFail Better” 09/2013

Joël TettamantiPast, Present and Future” 09/2013

Olivo BarbieriScenari urbani” 09/2013

Francesco JodiceA Mosaic of Reality” 08/2013

Annea Lockwood “Affective Sound Maps” 08/2013

Ferit Kuyas “City of Ambition” 07/2013

Dan Holdsworth “A Sublime perception” 05/2013

Sabrina Ragucci “5 John + 1” 04/2013

Catherine Opie “American cities” 03/2013

Massimo Siragusa “Teatro italiano” 02/2013

Peter Brown “American Poetry and Prose” 02/2013

Theo Baart “Dutch topography” 12/2012

Jürgen Nefzger “The Manufactured Landscape” 12/2012

Francesco Patriarca “Birds by the Hand” 11/2012

Luigi Presicce “Magical and Mistery” 11/2012

Valerio Spada “Gomorrah Girl” 08/2012

Hiroshi Watanabe “Ideology in Paradise” 08/2012

Lise Sarfati “She” 08/2012

David Stewart “Teenage Pre-occupation” 08/2012

Richard Kern “Pressing the shutter” 08/2012

Enrico Malatesta “Ipotesi di Paesaggio” 07/2012

Nicholas Hughes “In Darkness Visible“ 07/2012

Max Pam “Going East” and “Ramadan in Yemen” 06/2012

Ravi Agarwal “Down and Out, labouring under globalization“ 06/2012

Scanderbeg Sauer Photography “Beauty in mess” 06/2012

Zoltán Jókay “Fragments of Memories“ 03/2012

Hans Christian Schink “From Traffic Projects to 1 h“ 02/2012

Karin Apollonia Müller “Angels in Fall” and “On Edge” 02/2012

Kim Boske “I go walking in your landscape” 02/2012

Zuijderwijk / Vergouwe “Vanishing Landscapes” 02/2012

Yoshihiko Ueda “Quinault“ 02/2012

Nicolas Wilmouth “Le Beau et la Forme“ 02/2012

Zackary Drucker “Distance is where the heart is…“ 02/2012

Elena Mann “Women in Black“ 02/2012

Michael Wolf “Tokyo Compression“ 12/2011

Simon Roberts “Personal Map of England“ 12/2011

Rob Hornstra “Land of Nowhere“ 12/2011

Eva Leitolf “Postcards from Europe“ 12/2011

Henk Wildschut “Shelters“ 12/2011

Heidi Romano “Full Time Dreamer“ 12/2011

Maurizio Montagna “Billboards“ 12/2011

Carlos Casas “Cemetery (Archive Works)“ 11/2011

Alec Soth “Dog Days, Bogotá“ 11/2011

Taryn Simon “Contraband“ 11/2011

Jill Greenberg “Monkey Portraits“ 11/2011

Chi Peng “Mood Is Never Better Than Memory“ 11/2011

Dan Burn-Forti “Animals“ 09/2011

Danielle Van Ark “The Mounted Life“ 09/2011

Scarlett Hooft Graafland “Soft Horizon“ 09/2011

Justine Cooper “Saved by Science“ 09/2011

Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk “The Andromeda Strain“ 09/2011

Almagul Menlibayeva “A memory of the Centaur“ 06/2011

Spencer Tunick “A Sensational Architecture“ 06/2011

Doug Dubois “… all the days and nights“ 04/2011

Mohammadreza Mirzaei “A fragment of my memories“ 04/2011

Georg Parthen “Assumptions about reality“ 04/2011

Eirik Johnson “American Short Stories“ 02/2011

Cyrille Weiner “The Space Between“ 01/2011

Marco Zanta “Le cose, la città, la casa“ 10/2010

Andrew Phelps “The exotic and the mundane“ 10/2010

Fabio Severo “Hippolyte Bayard“ 09/2010

Marco Signorini “Gli sguardi pre-esistenti“ 09/2010

Steve Bisson “Urbanautica“ 07/2010

Andrea Botto “Paesaggi instabili“ 07/2010

Lorena Endara “Now is time to tell“ 06/2010

Jason Koxvold “Everything, and nothing“ 06/2010