Snow Blind

“… and then he heard it, very faintly at first, but distinct just the same. He heard the snow falling gently through the air, each flake sounded distinctly different, yet just as each fell unhindered by another, so their sound did not clash or interfere with each other, but blended into a snow song that he knew very few had ever heard. And that song became louder, though always gentle, as he continued to be absorbed by the light, to become one with the light… now there werent any feet to leave prints, or a body or eyes to glow, but just light and sound and pure joy, pure eternal joy. No past, no future, no, not even a present, just ever new joy where there wasnt even a memory of pain or struggle or sorrow… just ever new joy…

and he knew he could stay here forever.”

Hubert Selby Jr.
Song of the Silent Snow
Groove Press, 1987

First published in: London; New York: “Song of the Silent Snow” copyright © Marion Boyars, 1986