Robin Schwartz Amelia’s World

My photographs are drawn from real journeys undertaken with my daughter, Amelia I am driven to depict relationships with animals but the photographs are not documents; they are evidence of the invented worlds that we explore and the fables we enact together. Photography gives us the opportunity to access our dreams, to discover the extraordinary. Animals and interspecies relationships have always been an important part of my work. The animals in my photographs are not represented as beasts or nobility but as part of our everyday world. We play out our fantasies and eccentricities by creating a culture where animals not only co-exist, but also interact. Animals are not props in the photographs and they are not photo-shopped in. The world that Amelia and I explore is one where the line between human and animal overlaps or is blurred, where animals are part of our natural world.

Robin Schwartz

All images © courtesy of Robin Schwartz