Rebecca Frasson Creature from the Fish Tank

They are little fishes chucked out of the lukewarm water of a sea that ended down the drain, little by little, the day somebody pulled the stopper from the sink. Beached fishes in big dry glass fish tanks, bandaged and left to dry under artificial lights. Fishes hatched in warmed up bellies until lungs form and only marks will remain where their gills were, like wounds on their sides.

Sea creatures that must forget they once were fishes and learn to survive in a world of children in a box.  Children born right, preserved in brine and fished out in time.

Fishes that will not be able to swim or keep their head under the water anymore. To keep their eyes open.

Children who will avoid any contact like contagion.  Men who will keep holing up in ever tighter dry fish tanks their whole life.

And reopening wounds again and again, like the involuntary movement of gills, to be able to survive, premature to any of the days to come.

That’s who those little creatures in the incubators are, Mina.

Rebecca Frasson

Creature from the Fish Tank

Landscape Stories, 2011 | Translation: Francesca Gola

© Rebecca Frasson – 2011