Laura McPhee Guardians of Solitude

McPhee_Early Fall (Wind in Grass)

Early Fall (Wind in Grass)

McPhee_Early Spring (Peeling Bark in Rain)

Early Spring (Peeling Bark in Rain)

McPhee_Early Spring (Willows)

Early Spring (Willows)

McPhee_Late Fall (Aspens)

Late Fall (Aspens)

McPhee_Late Fall (Burned Sage Brush)

Late Fall (Burned Sage Brush)

McPhee_Late Summer (Looking West)

Late Summer (Looking West)

McPhee_Midsummer (Fisher Creek Road)

Midsummer (Fisher Creek Road)

McPhee_Midsummer (Lodgepole and Aspens)

Midsummer (Lodgepole and Aspens)

McPhee_Midsummer (Lupine and Fireweed)

Midsummer (Lupine and Fireweed)

McPhee_Midwinter (Two Sides of One Hill)

Midwinter (Two Sides of One Hill)

McPhee_Summer (Evening)

Summer (Evening)

The images in this series were made in three canyons in the White Cloud Mountains of central Idaho in 2008. About three years earlier, on a windy early September day, a man burning a cardboard box in a burn barrel watched helplessly as sparks escaped and ignited the dry brush at his feet. Over the next two weeks, 40,838 acres of forest burned in a wildfire that was ultimately extinguished by snowfall.

All images © courtesy of Laura McPhee