Landscape Stories | Issue 07 | Editorial


During a relaxing weekend, it might happen to be bothered by the noise of a chainsaw in the distance. A long time ago the human labour was in inverse proportion to the noise generated to fulfill it.

The death of the trees sounds weird: they have always been identified by a silent long life, but they actually fall dead in the loudest noise. Human revenge is boundless. There is a concurring opinion that the deforestation is caused by utilitarian reasons. We mostly believe that people love reaching unpolluted and magical places, like a wood, with their loud cars, just to defeat the silence and the sense of emptiness connected to it.

The current issue of Landscape Stories deals with Trees: they are “inanimate” objects providing a perfect background to photography, to tell any story. Behind a seeming stillness, trees tell profound stories, full of echoes and archaic images.

It seems that humanity wants to delete this ancient feeling, also supported by a deafening noise, by the modern ritual of destruction. But we have the feeling that one day, not too far in the future, nature will start asking for something back.

Landscape Stories 03/2012