Claudine Doury  Sasha

1.La boule de cristal, 2008

La boule de cristal, 2008

2.La cloche de verre, 2009

La cloche de verre, 2009

3.La natte-2008

La natte, 2008


Soeurs#2, 2007

5.La conversation-2009

La conversation, 2009


Ondine, 2008

7.Feuilles mortes-2007

Feuilles mortes, 2007

8.Les limaces-2007

Les limaces, 2007

9.Nous n'irons plus au bois-2008

Nous n'irons plus au bois, 2008

10.Les elfes-2007

Les elfes, 2007

11.Le renard-2009

Le renard, 2009

12.Falling Angel-2008

Falling Angel, 2008

13.L'échappée belle-2008

L'échappée belle, 2008


L'ange, 2008


Sasha, 2007


Sasha is a series taken over 3 years time where Claudine Doury has caught the shifting from childhood to adulthood. With this young girl (her daughter, as a mirror her own adolescence) Doury witnesses the loss of childhood and questions the construction of identity, through secret games, intimate rites, fears and dreams of adolescence.

All images © courtesy of Claudine Doury