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Deanna Templeton’s series “Scratch My Name on your Arm” explores an evolving trend among todays youth infused with celebrity worship, the Body Autograph. Being around the southern California surfing and skating scene most of her life Deanna noticed that the classic dynamic of asking for an autograph has been changing from collecting a cherished keepsake into some sort of public theater, a small interaction with a marginally famous person, usually a professional surfer or skateboarder. It’s not uncommon for a boy or girl to ask for an autograph on the bare skin instead of the traditional piece of paper, an ephemeral souvenir that only lasts until the next shower. Deanna has spent the last five years exploring this phenomenon at skateboard demos, surf competitions, and other athletic events. She captures the glaring want of acceptance in the girls who seem to be trying to embody the party girl idea by getting ‘tagged’ exclusively on their erogenous zones, and the debauchery of the boys who upon asking to be signed get festooned with moustaches, swastikas, or worse. They obviously didn’t want the autograph as a memento if they asked for it on their face or cleavage, but rather for the interplay and the public spectacle.

Ed Templeton

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Deanna Templeton