Kate Peters Olympians

01 KP_Andy_Murray_Tennis Player

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Andy Murray, Tennis Player

02 KP_Guardian_Zoe_Smith_Weightlifter

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Zoe Smith, Weightlifter

Anthony Joshua, Olympians

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Anthony Joshua, Boxer

04 KP_Olympians_Anthony_Joshua_II_Boxer

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Anthony Joshua II, Boxer

05 KP_Olympians_Ben_Ainslie_Sailor

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Ben Ainslie, Sailor

06 KP_Olympians_Chris_Hoy_Cyclist

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Chris Hoy, Cyclist

07 KP_Olympians_Dan_Purvis_Gymnast

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Dan Purvis, Gymnast

08 KP_Olympians_Dan_Purvis_II_Gymnast

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Dan Purvis II, Gymnast


@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - John Allen Butterworth, Para Cyclist

010 KP_Olympians_Kat_Driscoll_Trampolinist

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Kat Driscoll, Trampolinist

011 KP_Olympians_Louis_Smith_Gymnast

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Louis Smith, Gymnast

012 KP_Olympians_Mo_Farah_Distance_Runner

@ Kate Peters from 'Olympians' - Mo Farah, Distance Runner


Commissioned by Kate Edwards at the Guardian Weekend Magazine and photographed in numerous makeshift studios across the UK, from squash courts to gymnasiums and corridors. 32 athletes were photographed, filmed and interviewed over the course of three months. The Olympians project is a testament to the incredible bodies of the hopeful British Athletes who push themselves to the limit to achieve success at the 2012 Olympics.


All images © courtesy of Kate Peters