In twenty minutes, by helicopter, we covered the distance that separated us from the area of the operation. The helicopter had as its emblem the “Playboy” bunny. That was the true commander of the armed forces and  true agent of reconciliation of the villages. You could find its naked pictures everywhere, in the miserable shacks of Saigon, home of  prostitutes, in every  American tent, in every  trench scattered in the jungle, in every plane and in every helicopter. “Playboy” is the symbol of America, and not just metaphorically. In Vietnam, there are more  “Playboy” naked girls  than American and South Vietnamese flags. We flew over an area horribly bombed. It was an area full of hills, low woods and clearings where huge craters opened, only a few meters away from each other. The land was destroyed by the waves of napalm and villages burnt. The Roman Catholic churches are the only buildings that still remain intact, many of them have  two  towers, pink and sky blue  like  those of our countries. The bombs dropped by B52 opened enormous craters, measuring thirty, forty feet in diameter and twenty feet deep. The landscape till the horizon, is lunar.

Goffredo Parise

Guerre Politiche: Vietnam, Biafra, Laos, Cile, 1976

Einaudi editore