Olaf Otto Becker Under the Nordic Light – A Journey through Time 1999 -2011

Olaf Otto Becker 01

Canyon of Jökulsá á Brú, Iceland 2010

Olaf Otto Becker 02

Concrete spillway chute, Kárahnjúkar dam Iceland 2010

Olaf Otto Becker 03

Canyon of the Jökulsá á Brú Iceland 2011

Olaf Otto Becker 04

left side Öræfajökull 2000_right side Öræfajökull 2012

Olaf Otto Becker 05

left side Öræfajökull glacier tongue 1999, right side Öræfajökull glacier tongue 2011

Olaf Otto Becker 06

left side Landmanalaugar 2000, right side Landmanalaugar 2011

Olaf Otto Becker 07

left side Bjarnafoss 1999, right side Bjarnafoss 2011

Olaf Otto Becker 08

Háifoss waterfall in the rain 2002

Olaf Otto Becker 09

Háifoss waterfall diptych Iceland 2000

Olaf Otto Becker 10

Gullfoss 02, Iceland 2011

Olaf Otto Becker 11

Rock face in the canyon of the Jökulsá á Brú 02 2011


For more than 25 years now, landscape photography constitutes the main topic of my photographic work. I am especially interested in documenting the visible traces of human overpopulation left behind in nature. It’s these traces that make clear how exactly we treat our planet. After thorough research, I usually work a couple of years on one specific topic, to then publish my results in form of a book. The single image is of great importance, but it’s sequences that allow to tell an in depth story. I think of myself as artist as well as eyewitness to the changes of our time that are important to me. I read the landscape and record what I find to be truly remarkable.

I mostly work in colour, using the analog process of my 8×10 large format camera. After developing, the negatives are being digitalized and dust as well as some colour retouching takes place. My interest is to present what I witnessed and not what could be digitally reconstructed. That is why I do not digitally manipulate the content of my photographs.


All images © courtesy of Olaf Otto Becker