As I entered, I stepped on a disposable dish.  Struggling through, I found a way to get to the couch that he was sitting on, eating a pizza.

“Is it ok that I came in with my shoes on?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Do you know that your brother and a few of his friends have fell into a valley?,” I said.

He opened his mouth a bit and laughed.  Last time I had seen him laugh was on the way to the north.  He was good looking, but one of his teeth was sticking out, just like a football player who’s standing on the offside.  So when he laughed, everyone stared at his teeth, just like the flag raised by the assistant referee.

“Don’t you wanna come for his burial? After all he’s your brother.” I said.
Since he had decided to sell the movie theatre, he had not been in a good mood.  He said, “Go to the cemetery and do what?”
I said, “Well he’s a member of your family.  You can’t not have any feelings towards your family.”
He said, “I’ve just known them for a long time, that’s all.”

As we were talking about his brother, suddenly the US attacked Iran.
I said, “Even in this situation, you don’t wanna stop being so stubborn?”
He said, “The war changes a lot of things.”

I said, “Yeah but people change, regardless of the war.”

He said, “But we are not people.  If I were one, someone would have called to wish me a happy birthday.”

I said, “Oh, I’m sorry.  I’ve just been very busy these past few days.”

We were in the midst of these talks when an American solider jumped in through the window and began fire.

I asked him in English, “What are you doing boy?  Where do you think this place is?”

He said, “Isn’t this your president’s house?”
I said, “No, who’s said that?”

He said, “Come check out this address and see if it’s correct.”

As I was looking through the address, I asked “Has it been long since you’ve started attacking us?”

He said, “No, about 10 minutes.”

I said, “Has anyone been killed?”
He said, “Yes 5 youngsters were accidently thrown into the valley.”
I said, “This is the wrong address.  It says Iraq not Iran.”

Of course the rest of the address was correct.  He said “Oh.”

I said “Yeah.”

Right then he called the rest of his team to pullback and evacuate.
He said, “I’m sorry, I entered without any warning and destroyed everything too.”

I said, “no worries.”

Then he jumped out that very same window.  At the end of the alley, they turned around their helicopter and left.  As he said goodbye and left, my friend had not changed even a bit; he was still sitting on the couch and there was dripping blood from his throat into the pizza box.

Vahid Sharifian

The Americans Have Attacked!