We need to recognize what has happened to our food system, and, consequently, to ourselves, it was not a chance and inevitable process. The transformation of the food system is actually being driven and shaped by one of the most powerful human and brutally efficient forces: the market. That system, however, is still largely a work in progress, a product of billions and billions of human decisions. And if many of those decisions are made in places and contexts that go far beyond our control, there are many others that are taken closer: in our regions, in our communities and in our kitchens. From thousands of years food is the mirror of society. It is the source of the material and ideas that have brought forth civilization, as well as the mechanisms by which civilization now seems to fall apart. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, we are closer to the precipice than we have ever been, but we are perhaps better able to walk away. Hunger has always been a stimulus for the creation of a better world, and it still is.

Paul Roberts

The End of Food, 2008

Houghton Mifflin, Boston