If in the library – on the shelf of the nineteenth century Italian – you have a copy of Artusi, and read books by Piero Camporesi, if to a jar of yogurt (to hell with diets)   you prefer ‘cailles sarcophage en’; in short, if you are (rightly) convinced that cultural and nutritional facts are deeply implicated insocial and cultural way,  then you have to pay attention to this work. A good movie came from Denmark where the figure of “lunch” – as well as that of the ball in the Gattopardo – is charged with infinite meanings: the celebration of victory  of the joys of corporal on mortifing Lutheran spirituality, allegorical comparison between the French-Mediterranean ‘douceur de vivre’ and Nordic rigor; symbolic juxtaposition of the warm colors of the south (the kitchen, the food …) and washed Scandinavian pastellismo (the cold light of the Danish coast, the dark clothes …). ”

Giulio Fedeli

Segnocinema, cit. (about the movie “Babettes gæstebud”), 1988