Laura McPhee  The Farm


Luca, Jenny, Martha, Joan, Convertible

1993_Dan_541-600 001

Joan (Dan with Sword)

1993_Dan_541-600 005

Dan at 64 with Sarah

1993_Dan_541-600 006

Grammy at 90 with Sarah and Pryde


Phlox and Black-Eyed Susans

1993_Dan_541-600 009

Jenny with Plaster of Paris Mask


Isobel, Chicken Feet, Magnolia, Easter


The View the Summer Dan Died

444 012

Mary (Laura and Dan)

333 005

Joan Beneath a Lilac (Dan and Serge)

444 007

Donny and Virginia in the Clover Under the Tulip Tree

444 009


111 010

Martha and Debbie, Childhood Friends

222 010

Pryde, Martha, Joan, Summer Planting

222 012

Pryde, Dan, Joan

This is a selection of pictures from the project ‘The Farm: 1978-2001’ selected by Laura McPhee for Landscape Stories.

All images © courtesy of Laura McPhee