Martin + Lindsay My Favorite Picture of You


My Favorite Picture of You from Furlined on Vimeo.


My Favorite Picture of You encapsulates what I love about short form storytelling. Directed by TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay, who won an Oscar for their documentary feature Undefeated, this simple yet powerful three-minute documentary works so well because of its clarity, succinctness, honesty and personal connection to its filmmakers.

Utilising home movies and photographs the film captures the failing memories of youth for Martin’s own grandmother. In a series of gentle yet probing questions, Martin’s grandfather asks his terminally ill wife about her childhood and experiences. The answers he receives back are often vague or short and it is clearly a struggle for her to even speak at times (she sadly passed away a mere month after the recording).

Whilst this may sound cheap and manipulative it never appears so on screen. Instead it is a loving celebration of a life countered with the harsh realities of old age. There is an obvious air of nostalgia in the old footage yet it is balanced by the difficulties of the interview, both for interviewer and interviewee. It is a heartbreaking exchange listening to the increasingly opaque and elusive recollections as the husband desperately tries to cling onto the cherished memories for both their sake.

My Favorite Picture of You is a touching and personal portrait that has universal resonance.

Review by Adam Cook


Video © courtesy of Martin+Lindsay/Furlined