Adam Jeppesen Wake


phone jab

hi, i’m in atlanta, doing nothing really. just read
yr mail. i’m kinda bored and i miss you

i heard the sky’s falling over in yr neck of the

really can’t see you, place you, just maybe in the
hotel rm, standing in front of the mirror looking
at yourself… maybe on your balcony looking out
to the sea with sun spots in your eyes… maybe in
an elevator watching the numbers light up and
listening to someone’s conversation… maybe

do you see the sun when i see the moon?

big storms here. black skies, kansas winds, steamy
downpours, scary thunderclaps and electric zig

thinking of you from the red white and blue day
up in the sky near the mountains and streams
where time floats with activity and exhaustion is
a blessed thing.

you mentioned the plants – did the smaller one

to you i give my favorite red flannel shirt, dedi-
cated to everlasting love…

i wanna hear yr voice on the phone, maybe t’mor-

Text by Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer


All images © courtesy of Adam Jeppesen/Peter Lav Gallery