Olivo Barbieri Ersatz Lights

Lugo 002

Lugo, Ravenna 1982

_ 072

Pellestrina, Venezia 1988

Notte 0048

Alberobello, Bari 1986

04 - Pellestrina, Venezia 1988

Suzhou, China 1989

05 - Pellestrina, Venezia 1988

Noto, Siracusa 1989

06 - Osaka, Japan 1992

Osaka, Japan 1992

Cina Hong Kong 1996 0000

Hong Kong, China 1996

_ 073

Roma 1987

Immagini 043

Roma 1995

Virtual Truth 007

Milano 1989

_ 003

Beijing, China 1996

Virtual Truth normale 0001

Canton, China 1998

Iluminazioni Artificiali 0005a

Hong Kong, China 1992

14 - Tel Aviv, Israel 2011

Tel Aviv, Israel 2011

15 - Singapore 2013

Singapore 2013


Since the end of the seventies, searching for the metaphysical squares of [Giorgio] de Chirico (did they exist, or did he invent them?), Olivo Barbieri began to get interested in artificial light. First in Europe, then making a comparison between East and West, as in the books Viaggio in Italia (1984), Notte (1991), Illuminazioni Artificiali (1995), and Virtual Truths (2001). By ERSATZ LIGHTS he means what has been invented as a substitute for sunlight. He has analyzed his archive as if it was a database, appropriating images he had made, as if he had found them on the Internet. He has created a non-chronological but conceptual contact between the different cycles of his research. Conserving the sequence of images with artificial light as the main axis, he has sporadically inserted works from other series, like site specific_, Parks, Images, China.


All images © courtesy of Olivo Barbieri