… In the american realist, criminal and violent novel (the true noir)  the order of the Law is not fair, is transient and in contradiction with itself. In other words, the evil dominates historically. The dominion of evil is social and political. The social and political power is in the hands of criminals. More precisely, unscrupulous capitalists, allies or identical to the gangsters of the criminal organizations, have hired politicians, journalists and other ideologues, as well as magistrates and police, not to mention the killers. This happens everywhere these people, divided into clans, fight by all means to grab markets and profits. We recognize in it an image roughly analogous to the one that the revolutionary critique has of capitalist society in general. It is obvious …

Crime novel is the great moral literature of our time. Or more precisely, of the era that is now coming to an end,  that of the counter-revolution that reigns supreme.

Jean-Patrick Manchette