Lombroso developed the theory about “born criminal”. In 3000 anthropometric measurements he found some biological traits of criminals.

Biological traits of born criminal are:


- unusual size or shape of the head

- strange eyes

- facial asymmetry

- extended jaw and jaw bone

- too big or too small ears

- full lips leaned forward

- abnormal teeths

- wrinkled skin

- nose curled up; thief’s have a flat nose and murderers have a beak nose

- too long, too small or flat chin

- dark skin

- too long arms


According to Lombroso, persons who have five or more biological traits are born criminals. Beside physical traits Lombroso introduces some other traits of “born criminal”:


1) hypersensitivity on the pain and touch

2) use of special criminal slang

3) grotesque expression of thoughts

4) tattoos

5) unemployment


Cesare Lombroso

Theory of crime