Azuma Makoto/Shunsuke Shiinoki Encyclopedia of Flowers

It is over 15 years since I first encountered flowers. The flower market is changing at a dizzy speed and the reality is, it is affected by people’s desire to seek for more beautiful, marketable species. Of course, I do not mean to criticize everything because I make my living on flowers. With that said, I think that it is my mission to let it fulfill its life for the flower that I pick up, because it leaves its life to me and let me cut the roots. I wanted to publish the book “Encyclopedia of Flowers” as an evidence of each and every flower’s existence, that they lived their short lives to the fullest. I complied the works that expressed the respect to such lives and published.

This book is a “bouquet” to every reader, so overwhelming and soulful that I hope will pierce his/her mind. I will be delighted if you take a look at the face of every flower and feel beauty, fragility, power beyond description, or even something sanguinary – in other words, the energy of living creatures.

The word “encyclopedia” is originally Greek. “Cyclo” means circle or circulation; “pedia” means child or to foster. Everything circulates, is fostered and continues in sequence. It is the life itself. Children find a beautiful encyclopedia of flora that they have never seen on a bookshelf in school library, and they discover unknown flower or plant for the first time. This experience implants roots in their hearts, sprouts and blooms flowers. It is my wish that time of a new life starts ticking in them through reading this book.

All images © courtesy of Azuma Makoto/Shunsuke Shiinoki