Naohiro Utagawa Images

There are times when I am taken away by the mixture of torn up prints and/or various prints overlapping one another on the floor. Even though these coincidentally created images detach from its original context and situation, it still possesses its initial details. I am drawn to these present textures. I came to value these present textures as I had an idea while reading about Xenon’s Paradox. The idea was that maybe by going into and focusing on these present textures, I may be able to seek eternity and infinity. Instead of looking outward and elsewhere for these them, I have come to believe that I can do this by repetitively taking pictures of the present texture.

In order to recreate images made by the present texture, I tore up the original print so that I can detach the pieces from its initial context/situation. From there I reorganized the torn pieces to further detach them from its initial context/situation and create an image by only using its present texture. But as I continued this procedure, I gradually began to focus on and became interested in how I can “play” within the limitations of this task. In the end, it became about creating an image within the limitations and figuring out how to overcome my set values in order to evoke further creativity.

All images © courtesy of Naohiro Utagawa