Takashi Kawashima Multus

This art piece was produced during the concert ”Multus”, by the musician Ms. Tomoko Mukaiyama, with the multiple piano ensemble. Four piano players with four‐handed performance played “The rite of spring” by Igor Stravinsky. Physical pleasure is amplified with duet performance by the increase of sound thickness. Fine deviations of four sounds make me feel multi-layered. “The rite of spring” is a story imagined by Stravinsky where elders sitting in a circle watch a young girl dancing to the death for a propitiatory ritual. This image has been inspired my art piece. In my art piece, a woman continues to dance, and I continue to take her pictures as if I was one of the elders watching her.

model: Tomoko Mukaiyama

All images © courtesy of Takashi Kawashima