Shunsuke Kano List


Everything that exists in reality consists of meaning, material, function, colour, and form. However, we are usually living without considering the fact – we live in a world based on “the structure of assumption”. Using photography as a medium, I’m exploring the possibilities that can emerge, when we rethink these “structures of assumption”.

For example, people may gain knowledge or be touched by reading books. Meaning is given to each word, and by sharing the same understanding, we are able to read/apprehend them. However, all we are seeing is “ink” on “paper”. These printed “words” are just series of “shapes” made of lines, and although we may or may not be conscious of this fact, this acceptance and understanding is happening simultaneously.

Photography works on the same principle; a “subject” is presented on “photographic paper” as the “image” which represents “space” or “time”. By manipulating this structure, and uniting it with completely different things, or repeating this action; my intention is to show the subject in a new light. I would like to alter the perception of the viewers seeing this “image” and its assigned “meaning”.

I believe it is significant to bring our awareness to “the structures of assumption”, and try to understand how we see what is in front of us. This can be done by literally changing the things in front of us, or changing our perspectives; and then observing them.


All images © courtesy of Shunsuke Kano