Justine Kurland Road

chained engine 001

Chained Engine, 2013

roland_tucson 001

280 Coup, 2012


Hotrod Short Block, 2012

man under truck 2 001

Rebuilt Engine, 2013


Birds Cheap Cheap, 2011

crash 001

Crash, 2013

spit bubble 001

Spit Bubble, 2013


Death Seat, 2012


Baby Tooth, 2011

tacoma junkies 2 001

What Casper Might Look Like if He Grew Up to be a Junkie in Tacoma, 2013


These recent photographs were made after sixteen-years of continually photographing on road trips, often accompanied by my son. The reality of car maintenance, usually hidden outside the frame, becomes the self-reflexive core of this work. Here the road is not a means to an end, but an end in itself, and the car is both a symbol and a fact in the landscape. My photographs signal a critical investigation of American car culture, implicating my own participation in an overly optimistic and solipsistic identification with cars. The factual description of car parts connects affectively to my subjective experience as a mother and a driver.


All images: courtesy Justine Kurland