LS.24 — ROAD


The road is one of the main elements planned by men in contemporary age capable of producing landscape.

The road is not only an integral and indivisible part of the territory but it can also create new forms, new spaces, new landscapes. Among the elements of this new relationship between the parts and the whole thing we can find: cars, gas stations, motels, hotels, billboards, signs, houses, fences, gates, malls, junctions, detours, flowerbeds, curbs, connections…

Landscape Stories 24 is on the road with 46 photographic projects, featured some previously unpublished photographs from the legendary American Prospects by Joel Sternfeld and many other masterpieces. Our new LS issue is an hymn to the summer, to the travel, to the discovery. Have a great journey, and enjoy the road!


LS.24 photographers: Joel Sternfeld – Lucas Foglia – Nich McElroy – Whitten Sabbatini – Curran Hatleberg – Frank Breuer – Xavier Ribas – Alejandro Cartagena – Vincent Delbrouck – Gregory Halpern – John MacLean – Clémentine Schneidermann – Kyler Zeleny – Arnold Odermatt – Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong – George Georgiou – Paul D’Amato – Doug DuBois – Thilde Jensen – Tim Richmond – Frederic Lezmi – Christian Gieraths – Daniel Cheek – Joaquin Palting – Ian Baguskas – William Rugen – Walker Pickering – Keith Yahrling – Steven B. Smith – Andrew Borowiec – Gerry Johansson – Brandon Thibodeaux – Gregoire Eloy – Carolyn Drake – Justine Kurland – Rafal Milach – Michael de Kooter – Paul Gaffney – Jungjin Lee – Jeff Brouws – Arnold Odermatt – Ron Jude – Sara Macel – Yanina Shevchenko – Andrew Frost

LS.24 texts: Cormac McCarthy – Richard Ford – Teju Cole – Bruce Springsteen – John Brinckerhoff – Hunter Stockton Thompson – Two-Lane Blacktop – Jack Kerouac – Back to the Future – Honoré de Balzac

New Interviews: Mark Steinmetz “The Earth’s Beating Heart” – Yurie Nagashima “Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth?”

New Book Review: Yaakov Israel “Legitimacy of Landscape”

© 2016 – Landscape Stories

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