LS.25 Altered Landscape out NOW!


Searching for new relationships between artificial and natural, a new balance takes shape, in which you can find vernacular elements, a different redefinition of clichés and the illusion of being able to manipulate nature through architecture. A multiplicity of looks and fragmented visions, deceiving, and further undermined by everything that occurs just after the recording act.

Landscape Stories n.25 is our biggest issue ever, a very bold edition with 70 stunning photographic projects.

Visit strange lands with Altered Landscape!

LS.25 Protographers: Hans-Christian Schink – Michael Lundgren – Marianne Bjørnmyr – Inka & Niclas Lindergård – James Tylor – Mark Dorf – Charlie Kitchen – Bence Bakonyi – John Divola – Michel Le Belhomme – John Mann – Matthew Brandt – Dafna Talmor – Abelardo Morell – David Favrod – Anna Beeke – Sage Sohier – Paolo Ventura – Federico Ciamei – Martin Kollar – Nidaa Aboulhosn – Marie-José Jongerius – Jörn Vanhöfen – Victoria Sambunaris – Dave Jordano – Peter Holliday – Anne Lass – Kevin Cooley – Leigh Merrill – Sophie Barbasch – Aleix Plademunt – Jon Horvath – Paul Kranzler & Andrew Phelps – Christopher Colville – Robin Myers – Dan Holdsworth – Aaron Rothman – Michael Lundgren – Brendan Austin – Yang Yongliang – Annelies de Mey – Mårten Lange – Katrin Koenning and Sarker Protick – Jean-Vincent Simonet – Francois Ronsiaux – Anastasia Samoylova – Andrés Galeano – Dillon DeWaters – Karine Laval – Millee Tibbs – Mark Dorf – Thomas Jackson – Riitta Päiväläinen – Sarah Pickering – Daniel Shea – Danila Tkachenko – Michał Siarek – Lauren Marsolier – Joachim Brohm – Dayanita Singh – Bucky Miller – Wolfgang Zurborn – Eric Willia – Elina Ruka – Hannah Devereux – Laura Pugno – Lionel Bayol-Thémines – Laurence Aëgerter – Elsa Leydier – Ji Zhou

LS.25 Writers: Marcel Proust – W.G. Sebald – Peter Handke – Louise Erdrich – Gaston Bachelard – Jean-Luc Godard – Michel de Certeau – Siegfried Kracauer – Gerhard Richter – Théophile Gautier – George Orwell – Yasujirō Ozu

New Book Reviews: Danila Tkachenko “Restricted Areas” – Doug DuBois “My Last Day at Seventeen”

New Interview: Raimond Wouda / Céline Clanet / Jan Stradtmann “1KM – Altevie commission”

New Book Project: we are happy to announce that Landscape Stories is collaborating with Vulcano – Unità di Produzione Contemporanea and Altevie Technologies to publish a new photographic book featuring three fantastic projects by photographers Raimond Wouda, Céline Clanet, Jan Stradtmann. The work is commissioned by Altevie Technologies and you can read the full story in the featured interview. The book is curated by Gianpalo Arena and designed by Claudio Bettio, both from Landscape Stories. It will be published and distributed by Vulcano. Out in december!

New Book by Calamita/à + Exhibition:  Matèria is pleased to host the first gallery exhibition entirely dedicated to the CALAMITA/À project. CALAMITA/À book is curated by CALAMITA/À and designed by -SYB- The group show features a selection of work from over 20 Artists who, throughout the project’s lifespan, have turned their gaze to the Vajont territory.  Photography: Andrea Alessio, Gianpaolo Arena, Sergio Camplone, Marina Caneve, Céline Clanet, Scott Connarroe, François Deladerriere, Marco Lachi, Michela Palermo, Max Rommel & Marissa Morelli, Gabriele Rossi, Petra Stavast, Jan Stradtman, Maaike Vergouwe Daan Zuijderwijk, Cyrille Weiner & Giaime Meloni. Urbanism: Latitude Platform – The exhibition is curated by Gianpaolo Arena, Marina Caneve and Niccolò Fano.

© 2016 – Landscape Stories

Coming Soon

Coming soon

Landscape Stories 06 will be dedicated to the cars.

Next subjects: the trees.

Please send your texts and photographic projects following instructions found on the submissions‘ page.

Martin Parr has a List at the PhotoIreland Festival!

Open until the end of july, PhotoIreland Festival is an exciting selection of over 40 exhibitions and 60 events around the city of Dublin. If you’re in Ireland, you shouldn’t miss it!

Among other fantastic venues, PhotoIreland Festival announces Martin Parr’s selection of the 30 most influential photobooks of the last decade. The selection is on show at the National Photographic Archive of Ireland until the 31st of July. The “Martin Parr’s Best Books of the Decade” catalogue includes Martin Parr’s comments on each book, together with illustrations and ‘Author’s notes’. These are mostly unpublished texts by the photographers, publishers and curators of the works – personal statements on the process and raison d’être of each book.

We were happy to see that many books and photographers of Parr’s list are also our favorite. Some of them are already in our Vimeo VideoBook Channel, others will soon get there. Some of the photographers were featured in the magazine, others will eventually be there soon! All in all, every single book on the list is a must have! Here’s the full list, with some links…

Ryan McGinley, The Kids are Alright
Geert van Kesteren, Why Mister Why
Christien Meindertsma, Checked Baggage
Sakaguchi Tomoyuki, Home (project in LS04, book soon in Vimeo LS1)
Paul Graham, A Shimmer of Possibility
Viviane Sassen, Flamboya
JH Engstrom, Trying to Dance (project in LS02)
Daniela Rossell, Ricas y Famosas
Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, The Great Unreal
Archive of Modern Conflict, Nein, Onkel
Florian van Roekel, How Terry likes his coffee
WassinkLundgren, Empty Bottles
Alessandra Sanguinetti, On the Sixth Day
Alec Soth, Sleeping by the Mississippi (book in Vimeo LS1)
Rinko Kawauchi, Utatane (book in Vimeo LS1)
John Gossage, Berlin in the time of the Wall (author in Vimeo LS1)
Leigh Ladare, Pretend You’re Actually Alive
Simon Roberts, We English (book soon in Vimeo LS1)
Doug Rickard, New American Picture
Miguel Calderon, Miguel Calderon
Miyako Ishuichi, Mothers
Jules Spinatsch, Temporary Discomfort: Chapter 1-V
Uchihara Yasuhiko, Son of a Bit
Donovan Wylie, Scrapbook
Stephen Gill, Hackney Wick
Susan Meiselas, In History
Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression
Nina Korhonen, Anna, Amerikan Mummu
Hans Eijkelboom, Portraits & Cameras 1949-2009
Dash Snow, Slime the Boogie

Well done, Mister Parr!


Exhibition: “The Other Shore” by Nikita Pigorov

Nikita Pirogov‘s “the other shore” project is going to be exhibited in Denmark!

The exhibition The Other Shore is a multimedia installation that serves as a visual diary of times when the artist and his surroundings are in a sort of limbo.
The exhibition is part of the Russian Festival from 5th-10th September and curated by Irina Tchmyreva. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog.

Where: Gallery Image, Vestergade 29 – 8000 Århus C – Denmark

When: 26th August – 2 October 2011

Info: Tel: 86202429 – –

Nikita Pirogov’s “the other shore” project is also featured by Landscape Stories 04 here:

Project Fundraising: The view from Lucania

The view from Lucania is a photography project that has chosen the Lucania region as a privileged place in which to realize its cultural offer and from which to throw a deep look at South. Narrating through images, document the sounds, read and decipher the realityto witness to it. TVFL primary interest is to produce culture and local development through the implementation of projects related to the audiovisual world, chaired byinternationally renowned photographers and qualified professionals.

The view from Lucania is raising funds to realize this beautiful and ambitious porgetto: Let’s help!

More info on TVFL:
Help the project:

Exhibitions + Book: Sight-_Seeing with Michael Danner, Andrew Phels and others!

The photo-project “Sight-_Seeing” reveals to the viewers unfamiliar perspectives. It is a chance to meet new to new insights. Seven photographers who work both in an artistic and an applied context, with long experience in travel photography and an affinity for the landscape of the Alps collaborate in this project.

In the collective process with the curator Wolfgang Scheppe a resulting image-atlas of Tyrol explores the tension between the tourism advertising image and the standards of contemporary photographic aesthetic, in order to develop new views.

This experiment was also in the new image campaign in the Tyrol:

An exhibition catalog: Sight-_Seeing
Tourist landscape in Tyrol – Edited by Wolfgang Scheppe, Hatje Cantz Verlag

Photographes: Michael Danner, Dominik Gigler, Monika Höfler, Verena Kathrein, Jörg Koopmann, Andrew Phelps, Matthias Ziegler

Curator: Wolfgang Scheppe

Duration of the exhibition: 10. to 24 June 2011

Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday from 12:00 bis 18:00 clock

Epicentro art : Karl-Marx-Allee 82-84, 10243 Berlin

New Book: Llano Estacado featuring photos by Peter Brown (and more)

Llano Estacado: Island in the Sky is about an isolated portion of the Great Plains in the Texas panhandle and eastern New Mexico.
It’s an interesting project that Peter Brown with five other photographers and a number of writers over the past few years have been working on.
The book has just been published by Texas Tech Press and it’s a very beautiful and interesting book.

More details and stories:

Exhibitions: Joni Sternbach

Joni Sternbach will be at L’Objet Photographique, Maison Européenne de la Photographie Paris, France – now through June 19, Curated by Anne Cartier-Bresson, this exhibition looks at photographic devices (pinhole cameras, lenses, etc) and the processes that are used to produce or modify photographs: (direct positives, negatives, printing, etc), all of which make up the material history of photography.

Meanwhile, in California, SurfLand opens as part of Sea Creatures at Joseph Bellows Gallery in La Jolla, CA on June 11, 2011.


New Book and Exhibitions for Celine Clanet

Celine Clanet has a new monograph out: “From Torrent to Current: Dam and Man in Savoy“, published by ACTES SUD; the result of a yearlong photographic assignment commissioned by the FACIM Foundation, and EDF Alps.

April, 2011 / 26 x 26 cm

58 images / 164 pages / Hardbound

Texts by Thierry SALOMON, Pierre BLANCHER, Hervé GAYMARD

ISBN 978-2-7427-9649-6

EDF FOUNDATION | “Dam and Man in Savoy”

If you happen to be in Paris this summer, go at at the EDF Foundation, in St-Germain quarter. You will see 21 large prints of “Dam and Man in Savoy” series hanged inside a beautiful room, from June 29 to September 3.

Opening on July 6 at 6pm:


6 rue Récamier

75007 PARIS

More infos and events:

Book Presentation: “A New Map of Italy” Guido Guidi

Guido Guidi unveils his new photographic book “A New Map of Italy”.

The presentation will take place at IUAV in Venice, Italy.

Where/when: Ligabue room 29 – 31, may – h 16.00

Presentation by: Guido Guidi, John Gossage, Marlene Klein

Coordinators: Antonello Frongia, Andrea Pertoldeo

After: Booksigning